CQS New City Equity Launches Global Equity Fund

CQS New City Equity announces that it has launched the CQS New City Global Equity Fund (the Fund) with close to $100m* of assets under management from 12 investors across international jurisdictions including the UK and Europe.  The Fund is an actively managed, concentrated portfolio of public equity stocks listed in developed markets (primarily the US, Europe and Japan).  The Fund is Irish domiciled, offers daily liquidity and is UCITS compliant.

The investment team, led by portfolio manager Raphael Pitoun, undertakes active fundamental research and strategic analysis, embedding ESG criteria in each step of the investment process, to identify exceptional companies and then constructs a concentrated portfolio of 20-25 long-term holdings.  Companies are selected on their ability to deliver high-quality products and services with sustainable business models, a good history of innovation and excellent internal organisation; particularly in their management of human capital and corporate governance.  The selected companies will have a long-established track record of success and have a typical market capitalisation of between $20-40bn.

The Fund has been awarded ESG Applicant Fund Status by the Luxflag Group, one of the leading ESG accreditors in Europe.  It is the first Irish domiciled fund to receive such recognition.

Raphael PitounPortfolio Manager, said “There is clear evidence that the bulk of stock market performance is delivered by only a handful of listed equities. We undertake extensive research to identify those companies – and then construct a concentrated portfolio.  In our opinion this maximises the opportunity to deliver consistent outperformance over the cycle.  It is increasingly clear that changes in the corporate world have redefined how investors should assess the competitive advantages of a company, with greater attention needing to be paid to the quality of a business’ organisation and its ability to be innovation-centric and customer-oriented.”

Jos Trusted, CEO of CQS New City Equity, added: “The launch of the Global Fund is an exciting development for CQS. The global opportunities for investment firms are growing significantly as technological innovation and social change erode traditional orthodoxies and we are well positioned to harness these changes. With an investment DNA founded upon fundamental research, an understanding of relative value and conviction investing, we believe we are well placed to provide increasingly relevant solutions for our clients.”

* As at 4 June 2019


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