CQS New City Equity launches North American Equity Fund

CQS New City Equity announces that it has launched the CQS New City North American Equity Fund (the Fund). The Fund is an actively managed, concentrated portfolio of public equity stocks listed in the United States of America and Canada. The Fund is Irish domiciled, offers daily liquidity and is UCITS compliant.

The Fund holds a concentrated portfolio of 20-25 long term positions, with an average market capitalisation of $20-40bn, with the objective of delivering returns in line with the expected annualised growth in earnings of 12-15% over the cycle.

The investment team, led by portfolio manager Raphael Pitoun, undertakes active fundamental research and strategic analysis, embedding ESG criteria in each step of the investment process.   The investment objective is to identify a small number of corporate leaders with exceptional products and services that empower their customers and create significant pricing power.  Such companies will have a long track record of success, strong balance sheets, excellent internal organisation and should produce a flow of recurring innovation which sustains their market leading positions.  The Fund employs the same investment strategy as the CQS New City Global Equity Fund, which successfully launched in May 2019 and now has over $130m of assets under management*.

Raphael Pitoun, Portfolio Manager, said “We invest in companies which combine exceptional products and services with a long track record of innovation and success. Due to their inherent ability to build on their corporate know-how, these companies command positions at the forefront of their respective industries. We are not interested in brands or trends but in long term leaders in specific industries. These companies are the innovation compounders.”

Jos Trusted, CEO of CQS New City Equity, added: “We are delighted to launch the CQS New City North American Fund which builds on the success of the CQS New City Global Equity Fund. Our aim is to deliver actively managed investment solutions for our clients based on our investment DNA of fundamental research and conviction investing.  In an increasingly passive stock market, we believe effective long-term stock selection continues to be critical for delivering outperformance.”

* As at October 2019


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