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North American Equity Fund

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If you would like to make an investment into the CQS New City North American Equity Fund, please contact us.

The value of investments can go down as well as up and an investor may get back less than the amount invested. Past performance is not a guide to future results.

Investments will be made in equities of companies listed primarily in the United States of America and, to a lesser degree, in Canada. 

Full marketing materials are available on request

Launch Date4th November 2019
Fund DomicileIreland
UCITS CompliantYes
Base CurrencyUSD
Benchmark *S&P 500 (TR)
* The fund is not managed to a benchmark.

CQS New City North American Equity Fund

Share Class ISIN NAV Price Date
F USDIE00BK6SBM68130.70926/01/2021
F EUR HGDIE00BKTN2581128.07826/01/2021
F EURIE00BK6SBN75119.6226/01/2021
F GBP HGDIE00BK6SBQ07127.81526/01/2021
F GBPIE00BK6SBP99122.63126/01/2021
I EUR HGDIE00BK6SBT38127.47526/01/2021
I EURIE00BK6SBS21119.03426/01/2021
I GBP HGDIE00BK6SBW66127.15426/01/2021
I GBPIE00BK6SBV59121.96526/01/2021
I USDIE00BK6SBR14130.06526/01/2021
F CHF HGDIE00BKRWWF78127.46926/01/2021

North American Equity Fund Documents

Investor ReportsPublished
December 2020 Investor ReportJanuary 2021 Download
November 2020 Investor ReportDecember 2020 Download
October 2020 Investor ReportNovember 2020 Download
September 2020 Investor ReportOctober 2020 Download
August 2020 Investor ReportSeptember 2020 Download
July 2020 Investor ReportAugust 2020 Download
June 2020 Investor ReportJuly 2020 Download
May 2020 Investor ReportJune 2020 Download
April 2020 Investor ReportMay 2020 Download
March 2020 Investor ReportApril 2020 Download
February 2020 Investor ReportMarch 2020 Download
January 2020 Investor ReportFebruary 2020 Download
December 2019 Investor ReportJanuary 2020 Download
November 2019 Investor ReportDecember 2019 Download
CQS New City Equity America Fund18 December 2019 Download
Country-specific Supplement
CQS New City North American Equity Fund - Luxembourg Wrapper26 March 2020 Download

CQS New City Equity Documentation

Semi Annual Report
CQS Funds (Ireland) Plc31 December 2019 Download
CQS Funds (Ireland) Plc18 December 2019 Download
Memorandum and Articles of Association
CQS Funds (Ireland) Plc5 December 2014 Download
Financial Statements
CQS Funds (Ireland) Plc30 June 2018 Download
FATCA CRS Individual25 April 2018 Download
FATCA CRS Entity25 April 2018 Download